Our Care for Each Patient is Preventive, Passionate, and Personalized.

OnSite Care offers patients more time, more convenience, more direction, and more understanding when they need it most.

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Serving Employers Large & Small

OnSite Care helps employers elevate their value proposition, lower their cost of health care, and improve their employees’ experience. In short, we help you attract and retain your best team.


Choose from three clinic models.

Wellness Centers

OnSite helps employers build full-service primary care clinics at their workplace or at a nearby location.

Shared Clinics

OnSite brings two or more employers together to sponsor a shared clinic. Employers can also contract for access to an existing Wellness Center.

OnSite Reach

OnSite reaches your remote or dispersed workforce groups with a unique direct primary care (DPC) option with our national partners.

See what model is best for you. Speak with a member of our team.

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We bring our best, even when employees aren’t at theirs.

Primary and preventive care that sustains employee health, sustains control of chronic conditions, and sustains your improved healthcare cost trends.
Referral management that informs and directs your members to high quality, low cost care options.
After Hours
24x7 telephone or virtual access to an exceptional OnSite Care provider or contracted telemedicine option.
OnSite’s platform for biometrics, incentive management, and health coaching and integration of your existing wellness programs into our clinic services.
Our occupational health services include injury care and workers comp, regulatory and other employment-related physical exams, and drug screening.
On-site behavioral health counseling to help employees address depression, anxiety, stress, grief, or addiction.
OnSite’s data analytics and reporting services to help you measure the value of your clinic and find opportunities to evolve and enhance it.
Value Direct
Direct pricing agreements with preferred healthcare providers and facilities, including bundled pricing options.
OnSite Plus
OnSite offers other services that enhance clinic care such as dermatology screening, dietitian services, physical therapy and more.
OnSite clients can join an OnSite Clinic Alliance (where available) which provides employers shared clinic access with other Alliance members.
On-site medication dispensary services, where permitted by state law, with medication management.

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