Quality healthcare can be affordable and accessible.

Why OnSite Care?

At Onsite Care, we are passionate about improving healthcare. Our goal is to do the right thing for the right reason; every time.

Lower-Cost Model: OnSite Care was founded by a primary care medical doctor who understands how broken the fee-for-service healthcare model really is. OnSite Care knows the importance of putting the patient first. When this is done, powerful things happen. Patient health improves and both employee and employer health care costs are reduced.

Employer Alignment: OnSite Care is an independent clinic provider whose physicians are not accountable for downstream healthcare revenue. Our mission is simple. Improve health and lower total costs. At OnSite Care we permit all providers to take the time needed to personalize the care they provide– to get to know and understand each and every patient. This model fosters improved health through longer appointment times and the removal of financial and convenience barriers. This results in lower healthcare costs and improved health.

Direct Service Contracts: By contracting directly with specialty service providers, OnSite Care can pass significant savings on to the employer and the patient for such services as pharmacy, lab testing and radiology.

Better Health Outcomes: Longer appointment times + capitated costs + alignment of provider, patient and employer = lower costs for everyone involved and optimized health.

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