Driving healthcare innovation. Improving health outcomes.

OnSite Care helps employers manage rising health costs by delivering workplace primary care clinics that provide integrated care with a capitated cost model. OnSite aligns health plans and provider services, explains health data, pinpoints chronic health conditions and lowers health risks, resulting in better outcomes for employees. Using traditional methods and innovative technology, these medical “home” clinics focus on wellness, prevention and aggressive chronic disease management, quickly changing the employer’s risk status and leading to lowered health care costs.

Originally created to let Dr. Milavetz provide her patients with the level of care she felt they deserved, OnSite Care has become a win-win model of healthcare delivery. Physicians can focus on the health of their patients rather than the business of medicine. Patients feel valued and become engaged participants in the achievement of their own health outcomes. Employers see reduced healthcare costs, greater employee satisfaction with their level of care, and the increased productivity of a healthier workforce.

OnSite Care Corporate Headquarters

560 S. 300 E, Suite 275
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

OnSite Care Regional Offices

9 Galen St.
Watertown, MA 02472

1900 N. Pearl St., #2400
Dallas, TX 75201